First Bitcoin ZK-Rollup compatible wallet.

Non-custodial wallet for the Bison Network Bitcoin ZK-Rollup. Manage your bridged assets and perform transactions with our extension.

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Zky Wallet

Ordinals Support

Zky Wallet is a lightweight browser extension. It supports receiving, storing, and sending Ordinals on both the Bitcoin and the Bison networks.

Zky Wallet

The Bison ZK-Rollup

A Bitcoin Sovereign Rollup that offers a secure, decentralized platform, focused on delivering a high-speed, efficient, and secure transaction environment, propelling the future of native Bitcoin transactions by introducing smart contract functionalities.

Zky Wallet

The only wallet you need

As the ecosystem matures and more Bitcoin ZK-Rollups pop up, Zky will provide multiple chain support. Think of it as the last Bitcoin wallet you'll need!

Zky Wallet

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Zky Wallet

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Luis Guzman


Chief Executive Officer

Helped build the first wallet for El Salvador’s government briefly after Bitcoin became a legal tender.


Daniel Olaya


Chief Technology Officer

Developed a blockchain-based G2B platform to issue bank guarantees in the electric sector in Colombia.


Luciano Mareco


Chief Product Officer

Lead the development of the tokenized rewards program for Banco Macro in Argentina.


We are building the next generation of Bitcoin wallet infrastructure. Here are some of the products we are working on.

Testnet Release
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Ordinals Wallet

Released on testnet. Ordinals support. Bison Sovereign Rollup Integration.

Q3 2024
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Account Abstraction

ERC-4337 infrastructure on top of Bitcoin Rollup networks.

Q4 2024
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