The Bitcon Wallet OS

Frictionless onboarding for Bitcoin apps

Integrate low code In-App wallets with seamless UX in your app. Make onboarding a breeze and focus on your core functionalities.

Zky Wallet
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Embedded Wallets

Let your users generate an L2 compatible wallet after signing with their preferred Bitcoin wallet.

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User fully controls their embedded wallet keys.

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The UI can be customized to match your app's branding.

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Easy integration with multiple wallets, chains, bridges, and third-party apps with only a few lines of code.

Plug-and-play library

Don't waste valuable development resources on integrating wallet-like functionality from scratch. Zky Wallet is a plug-and-play library that allows builders to integrate a Bitcoin wallet into their apps with minimal effort.

Zky Wallet

Powerful analytics, better insights

We enable analytics for developers, providing insights into end user activity throughout their Bitcoin application.

Zky Wallet

Endless functionality, quick development

We are working with trusted partners to create a new ecosystem of Bitcoin applications. Our goal is to make Bitcoin more accessible to everyone.

Zky Wallet

Trusted and backed by



Luis Guzman


Chief Executive Officer

Helped build the first wallet for El Salvador’s government briefly after Bitcoin became a legal tender.


Daniel Olaya


Chief Technology Officer

Developed a blockchain-based G2B platform to issue bank guarantees in the electric sector in Colombia.


Luciano Mareco


Chief Product Officer

Lead the development of the tokenized rewards program for Banco Macro in Argentina.